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As businesses transition to digital, the increase in smartphones and BYOD brings with it opportunity for malware and cyber-threats to compromise company data.

By 2020, the global mobile anti-malware market is set to more than double since 2015, signifying the increasing risk companies face by not ensuring they are protected. As GDPR continues to enforce its position, UK businesses will face fines if they do not take measurable steps to keep their customer data secure.

DMC Technologies defends your data.

ISO 27001 ultra-secure hosting environments, bulletproof firewalls and data encryption are just some of the services we offer customers to ensure their data stays compliant and secure.


Build customer confidence; let them know that their privacy is your priority.


Work from anywhere without fear of data loss, leak and/or hack


Our solutions ensure you comply with the latest GDPR regulations


``Customer experience is on pace to exceed price and product as the number one differentiator for companies.``

Make every call count

How to Become ‘Digital-first’ in an Age of Disruption

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Improve customer service

Customer-centric interactions boost conversion rates

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Work from anywhere

‘The office’ is no longer a place, but a mindset

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Secure my data

Protect information without compromising on performance

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Automate everyday processes

Customer-centric interactions boost conversion rates

Start working smarter today.

Discover how DMC Canotec can support your first step toward digital transformation.

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